DDC Veterinary’s lab has successfully  performed DNA testing from a variety of  swab types. We are happy to provide  DNA kits containing 4 buccal swabs  made from spun polyester Dacron with  plastic handles.

If DDC’s kits are not available at the time  you are collecting the sample, we  suggest using sterile cotton swabs with  plastic handles. We do NOT accept cytol  brushes or sponge applicators. Some  swab types may contain materials that  will interfere with testing.

Cheek swabs can be collected on cats at  any age, even on nursing kittens. If the  kittens are nursing, separate them from  the mother for about 30 minutes (long  enough that they do not have milk in their  mouth when you go to swab them).

Avoid swabbing the cat if it has food or  debris in its mouth. If the swabs look  dirty after you collect the sample, this  was probably the case. Let the cat drink  some water and wait about 20 minutes  and then try re-swabbing the cat.

Gently, but firmly rub the swab inside the  cat’s cheek. Be sure to make good  contact with the inside of the cheek. The  object is to collect loose skin cells, not  saliva.