Purebred dog dna testing
For Purebred Dogs

Search for DNA tests by your dog’s breed. In 3 simple steps you can find and order all tests available for your purebred dog.

Mixed Breed Dogs

Identify the key breeds in your dog’s genetic background with a Dog DNA Breed Test & Life Plan. Over 220 popular breeds can be detected!

Pedigree Testing for Dogs
Parentage Verification

This testing certifies the authenticity of pedigrees. Results provide definitive proof of parentage.

Canine DNA Profiling
DNA Profiling

This test provides the most accurate and reliable method for securing permanent, individual identification of your dog.

Inherited Disease Screening for Dog
Inherited Disease Screening

These tests identify dogs that are carriers for inherited diseases to enhance breed improvement programs.

Inherited Traits Testing for Canines
Inherited Traits Screening

These tests identify dogs that are carriers for inherited traits to enhance breed improvement programs.