Canine DNA Profiling
  • DNA samples can be collected easily at home using buccal (cheek) swabs.
  • Dogs can be DNA tested at ANY age using the buccal swabs.
  • Test fee is $38 (US) per canine.
  • DNA results are emailed within 10 business days of receipt of the samples
Canine DNA Profiling (Genotyping)


Note: DNA Profiling will not determine the breed make-up of mixed breed dogs. For Dog DNA Breed testing, click here.


Would you like to have a permanent, fail-proof ID for your dog?


Canine Profiling (Genotyping) is used to establish a secure, permanent ID for your dog in case it is lost, stolen or to prove parentage. Using the same technology as parentage testing among canine families, the unique set of allele sizes for the dog are tested and recorded.


DNA Profiles also serve as a tool for breeders who need to keep DNA Profile records of their breeding stock (dams and sires) in case a parentage verification of their offspring is ever needed in the future. Many registries keep records of DNA Profiles to verify pedigrees.


The Canine Profile report will include our panel of 16 DNA markers and the numeric allele sizes at each marker. Each DNA marker has 2 allele sizes: one is inherited from the dam and one from the sire. These DNA markers do not tell about inherited traits, diseases or breed make-up.