Dalmation DNA Uric Acid Test

Test Highlights:

  • DNA samples can be collected easily at home using buccal (cheek) swabs.
  • Dogs can be DNA tested at ANY age using the buccal swabs.
  • DNA results are emailed within 5 business days of receipt of the samples
  • Test fee is $58 (US) per canine, multi-test discounts may apply

Uric Acid DNA Test (Hyperuricosuria)

Hyperuricosuria, or elevated uric acid level in the urine, is inherited as an autosomal recessive disorder and is characterized by the formation of bladder stones and occasional kidney stones.

Dalmatians are generally considered to be homozygous affected however with DNA testing efforts are being made to identify carriers which could allow for the future elimination of the disorder. Bulldog and Black Russian Terriers are also known to be significantly affected by the disease. DNA testing for Hyperuricosuria is available for all breeds.


Here are the 3 potential genotypes reported:

  • CLEAR (those having 2 copies of the normal allele and are normal).
  • CARRIER (those having 1 copy of the normal allele and 1 copy of the mutation but are not at risk for developing bladder stones)
  • AFFECTED (those having 2 copies of the mutation and are at risk for developing bladder stones.)