Inherited Traits Testing for Dogs

DNA Inherited Traits Testing

DDC Veterinary is offering fast, affordable DNA Testing for the following inherited traits. Its R&D scientists partner with leading scientists in the industry to develop, validate, and offer more testing options important to breeders and pet owners.


Coat Color Testing
DNA testing for coat color genotypes is available for several different dog breeds.


Coat Length or “Fluffy” Test

DNA testing for varying coat length genotypes is available for many different breeds (DNA marker – FGF5:c284G>T).


Coat Curl Test
DNA testing for the presence of 1 or 2 copies of curl. Curl is a dominant trait. Dogs having only 1 copy of the curl allele will appear to have a curly coat, but will likely pass on the non-curl allele 50% of the time.


Coat Furnishings (IC)

Furnishings is best characterized by a longer mustache and eyebrow facial hair pattern. Dogs having only 1 copy of the furnishings allele will likely have “furnishings”, but will pass on the non-furnishings (improper coat) allele about 50% of the time.


Myostatin or “Bully” Test for Whippets

This DNA test determines whether a dog has the gene mutation associated with myostatin deficiency.


Natural Bobtail Test
By identifying the genotypes of phenotypically short-tailed dogs, clients can accurately determine whether the animal is a Natural Bobtail (genetically short-tailed) or has been artificially docked.