DNA Test for dog wooly long coat

Test Highlights:

  • DNA samples can be collected easily at home using buccal (cheek) swabs.
  • Dogs can be DNA tested at ANY age using the buccal swabs.
  • DNA results are emailed within 5 business days of receipt of the samples
  • Test fee is $58 (US) per canine, multi-test discounts may apply

Wooly-Long Coat Test

DDC Veterinary is pleased to offer breeders a fast, affordable and reliable DNA test for identifying the varying genotypes for long/wooly coat in Akita, Samoyed and Siberian Husky breeds. By identifying the genotypes of the parents, breeders can more accurately predict the possible occurrences of these differing phenotypes in future progeny. Breeders can use DNA testing as a tool to more effectively manage mating patterns and make more informed selection decisions. Long Coat (DNA marker tested – FGF5:c578C>T) Wooly-long coat length is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. Therefore, dogs that are carriers of the long-hair mutation usually appear to be normal (short hair) themselves, some may have a slightly thicker or plush coat. The carriers will likely pass on the long-hair allele 50% of the time.

Breeds we are currently able to test include:

  • Akita
  • Samoyed
  • Siberian Husky


There are 3 possible genotypes:

  • Clear FGF5:c578C>T -/-; (those having 2 copies of the normal allele)
  • Carrier FGF5:c578C>T +/-; (those having 1 copy of the normal allele and 1 copy of the long-hair mutation)
  • Affected “Fluffy” FGF5:c578C>T +/+; (those having 2 copies of the long-hair mutation)